This is a cool idea and I can definitely see how i...
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This is a cool idea and I can definitely see how it'd benefit writers who are newer to the submission scene, but the logistics seem tricky. I hope this would accommodate staffing changes -- I know a lot of MFA-run mags in particular go through almost total turnover every couple years since their staff is made up of students, so things like taste, internal review systems, and response time can fluctuate. I've been an editor at a few different journals over the years and would also add that submitters' responses to rejections (while the vast majority are kind and understanding) can occasionally be really negative. I wouldn't want to see a good journal get tanked because of a vendetta, or because the staff went through a rough period and needed to skip a reading period to get caught up, that kinda thing. I'm sure y'all are way ahead of me on stuff like this, just a few thoughts I had.