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@User hey everyone!🙃 yeah the listing pages are identical for free and paid, our stats are free! the premium is good for the tools that will save you some time: the automatic prose formatter, the submitters passport where you can store your details (if you use this together with the formatter, then generating a submission ready file is basically one click) and to store all the versions of your bios not to go look all over your computer for that 50 word bio and 75 word bio and bio where you don’t mention your cat or something😀 and premium also includes keyword search in the browse (which will get even better soon!) it’s a cool tool that replaces some filters! so you can enter something like “speculative fiction”/“lgbtq”/“canada”/“prose poetry” to get those more targeted results! how it would improve is we’ll soon search more fields and also we’ve created paragraphs for a lot of magazines that describe what we love about them, and so it would search this info too! I think our website premium is more “convenience” oriented right now! but we also have our sub club newsletter https://subclub.substack.com which might be more about what you’re talking about cause those are some really detailed lists of opportunities usually paired with an essay from some of our industry friends, a lot of them are editors! so hanging around there might give you some more feel for what magazines are a better fit and also some submission advice and strategies 🙂 ALSO! check out our new course Ben made in February, it’s completely free and so detailed it’s ridiculous https://open.substack.com/pub/writeordie101/p/sorry-for-the-inconvenience-a-submitters-481?r=u9ked&utm_medium=ios