Hey, I have an idea for the tracker. Because I'm s...
# recommend-a-feature
Hey, I have an idea for the tracker. Because I'm subbing poetry and have like a million simuls I track individual poems (so a batch of five poems sent to one journal = five tracker entries). When I'm updating sub statuses, I'll search for the name of the journal in question, which brings up all of the relevant submissions. Which is great! But then as soon as I change the submission status of a piece, it refreshes the page and puts me back on the first page of the tracker. I have to repeat the search for as many pieces as I'm adjusting because it refreshes after every change. I don't code or whatever but one of these might work: - refreshing the page when a change is made but remembering the search term until the user clears it (the browse feature already does this) - instead of refreshing the page when something changes, stay on it until the user hits some sort of "save changes" button What do you think?