Hey there! I just discovered Chill Subs and love i...
# recommend-a-feature
Hey there! I just discovered Chill Subs and love it so far. A couple of minor suggestions for the submission tracker: 1. It would be super helpful to be able to add multiple pieces at once when adding a new submission. Even better if we could have a checklist that has all pieces available! Especially for poetry, I'm often submitting 5 or more pieces to the same publisher at a time, and it gets a bit tedious to set up separate submission records for every poem in the packet. (I like to have full visibility into my simultaneous submissions so I can withdraw work if needed.) 2. I may be missing it, but is there a way to switch existing submission records from Magazine to Contest for the publisher type? The csv I uploaded had a mix of magazines and contests because I didn't realize Chill Subs separated them. The perfectionist in me is really tempted to fix all the title errors manually, but I hope there's an easier way. Thanks for everything you do!