# advice-sharing


02/23/2024, 1:11 PM
Hey folks. Just joined, nice to be here. I’m Hannah, I’m 38, I’m basically a noob with a Scrivener full of ideas, writing exercises, and a few complete items of mostly poetry and comedy. I’ve had a zillion career changes. I won a poetry competition when I was 8, another when I was 13. I’ve written bits and pieces throughout my life and I’ve always loved writing. I’ve mostly written comedy, all short-form stuff like sketches, had a couple aired on the Beeb but nothing major. I’ve also written stand-up sets which I’ve performed. I’ve been writing more and more poetry lately. A lot of it is spoken word really because it has some funny rhyming structures and they’re comic narratives. I’m aiming to get enough material together to put an album together (I’ve found out recently that they work really well with music backing, perhaps that sacrilege but it works!) A friend of mine from school is a poet and she recommended chillsubs to me the other day. I had a bit of ADHD overwhelm on there but the newsletter I signed up for had the link to this Discord server. I’ve been made redundant from my tech job recently and, of course, I’d love to be paid for creative writing. (If only it were as simple as needing a bit of extra time…). I used to do a bit of freelance copywriting but I’ll only do that if I have to make some money 😝 I’m planning on taking a few creative writing courses online. Do you have any suggestions on where I might start my journey with submissions and things like that? I tried submitting a nonet (hadn’t heard of a nonet until the other day) to and it was $25 to enter – a bit of a luxury when I don’t have an income. So this Discord seems like a good place to be and get some suggestions. I don’t want to just write poetry and comedy, I’d like to explore different styles. I’ve started journaling.