# q-o-t-d


08/01/2023, 12:53 PM
i'm being completely transparent here but before i answer this, i want to make it clear that these are simply my views and even though they might be somewhat controversial, i stand by them completely. i believe in paying writers for their work. to me, it's a courtesy and recognition for the hard work put into honing their crafts. i don't usually submit to a litmag if i don't feel valued as a writer (aka if they don't compensate their writers, whether it's monetary or in the form of a print copy or anything of that sort). of course, i do make some exceptions; ie. when a submission call really interests me / i feel really connected to what the magazine represents / this might sound really bad but if i have a piece that's been rejected too many times i just want to get it out there and i don't care how (LOL) anyway, what i want to say, i suppose, is that people write for different reasons. i do love writing, and i am passionate in my craft. i don't write to get published, but when the right piece comes along that i deem good enough to be put out there, i expect something in return. that's the bluntest way i could put it