# q-o-t-d


08/01/2023, 1:08 PM
the way i do it, i look at what i'm offering and what i'm getting in return. if it adds up, i will consider submitting to the mag. but if it doesn't, it's a no go for me. of course, when i say "i look at what i'm offering", i do mean the magazine itself, the theme of the submission call, and things like that. sometimes, if a magazine resonates with me on a whole new level, even if they don't pay, i would submit simply because i like the idea of my work in that magazine. really, it's hard to compile all my thoughts in a coherent manner. i want to emphasis again that i absolutely do not write for money and writing is not my full-time job, nor do i have plans to become a writer in the future. even so, my works are near and dear to my heart. that's why i would never simply give them away to just anyone