Hi everyone, I'm involved with a couple of studen...
# advice-sharing
Hi everyone, I'm involved with a couple of student groups at the university where I study. I'm graduating soon and, while I'm returning for postgrad study, I won't have the same time to commit to working with the writers. So, as the time comes for me to wrap up my roles, I'd like to give some of the writers I work with some advice on marketing their work/building an audience for their work online. I have some ideas of what to say, but, in other areas, I'm feeling a bit uncertain. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with some of my questions, please? I personally don't have much of an online presence (through choice), so I thought I'd ask and see if I can gain any insight from people who might have experience with this sort of thing. So, I think, firstly, I'd like to ask about platforms. I've recommended Chill Subs and [ugh], and some have embraced them already, but I'd like to know which other platforms people feel work best. I have a feeling that Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter may work well for poetry, and, to some extent, all three work well for prose. Does anyone have any particular experiences with experimenting with using these platforms to get their writing out there/build a presence as a writer? Am I missing some excellent platforms, even non-social-media ones? Is a big site like Twitter too easy to be buried in? Secondly, if making an account dedicated to writing, is it best to use an existing personal account; or, for purposes of online presence and image, might it be best to start afresh, and keep what is personal and private separate while, of course, letting your personality show through in your public-facing writing account? Finally, some of my friends, in addition to writing their other forms, are into writing fanfic, and use Wattpad and AO3. How might someone go about working to try and have their fanfic audience translate into an audience for their other writing? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! :)