This was a major factor in our decision to launch ...
# slushpile-updates
This was a major factor in our decision to launch a manager. We knew it was something we wanted to do, but the more we talked to editors the more we realized a lot of the available options have either given up or relegated indie-lit to the back burner. Everything we plan to develop comes from our own ideas but also we conducted a load of brainstorming interviews with editors using all different managers (but mostly submittable and all had similar issues). We know that at first we will be smaller. Submittable is a multi-million dollar company. But it will be our sole focus and we'll always be transparent about it's abilities so that nobody switches to us until they feel comfortable we can provide the same quality (and better in several areas) with a team who is connected to, and passionate about writing and publishing. We're going to start an email newsletter specifically for editors connected with Chill Subs to open up a dialog about all of our plans and features. We are also always happy to hop on a call and chat about it. We considered doing a Kickstarter-like launch for it but we have a lot of unique little features that we didn't want to give ideas to anyone who might have the people-power and funds to leapfrog our efforts.