I can't remember if I shared her that my debut cha...
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I can't remember if I shared her that my debut chapbook released: In January 2007, a college friend went missing and wasn't found for weeks. Months later, another friend was found dead. In her evocative debut, Caiti Quatmann launches a heartfelt examination of memory and mourning, unveiling and unraveling these twin tragedies. With language that pierces and embraces, Quatmann navigates the intricate wilderness of loss, exploring its pervasive impact on the poet’s existence. These narratives are not merely recounted; they are re-lived—each moment resonating with the intense emotion of personal and communal grief. These stories are invitations—intimate, raw, transformative—to traverse the delicate and often tumultuous terrains of tragedy, memory, and acceptance. This book does more than recount loss; it seeks to understand and articulate the indescribable, making the invisible mourning visible and vital. https://www.amazon.com/Yoke-Caiti-Quatmann/dp/B0D2NM1XH3