Paying to submit.... I do this if it's somewhere I...
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Paying to submit.... I do this if it's somewhere I would really like to be published. I completely understand that using submission managers like Submittable makes life far easier for editors, and makes the whole review-and-accept/reject process smoother and probably faster. I also get that Submittable charges the mags if they get over a certain number of submissions, and many simply don't have the budgets to cover that cost themselves; their choices are therefore to cap the number of subs they accept - with an obvious impact on quality - or pass on the $2/3 charge to submitters. Anywhere expecting a lot more than the processing fee is, however, absolutely off my radar. Ultimately, though, I view my writing as a hobby; as with any other hobby, I accept that I will occasionally have to find some cash to support it. Within reason.