hey! it means that the staff of the org you're sub...
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hey! it means that the staff of the org you're submitting to is able to see the text you enter in any custom form they send you to, even if you don't submit it. that's because it'll save your text, like how google docs does, so you can pick up from where you left off when you come back (it assumes you wanted to submit the form since you opened it, so this is meant to save you time) If you don't want that to happen it's saying delete the info in the form instead of closing it/the page, and that data won't be stored in the form anymore - its a legal way of saying if you don't remove your text explicitly between sessions it does not disappear and someone could possibly see it on the tech side (the api or the built environment) It doesn't say they can keep it, or track it to you, or use it, so I think they're just letting you know! I know sometimes I'll add some text "just for me" to a form (Like "fuck this im so sick of these forms")