# celebrate-a-release


12/28/2023, 1:56 PM
The cover is here! I'm so thrilled about how awesome this one turned out - thanks of course to the incredible Christian Bentulan! Thanks as well to Olive Ridley Press and Tim McWhorter who took the chance to bring this book out into the world! For those of you who know my horror work, you'll find a lot to like here - but this is a different kind of adventure - a dark, YA fantasy that follows a young boy named Connor on his journey into The Shadowlands, a treacherous world where deceit is a currency and unspeakable monsters wait around every corner. Writing this book was a special journey to me because fantasy books played a huge part of my life well through my college years. The book is available now for pre-sale on eBook with a release date of March 26th! Check it out - and see you in the Shadowlands!