Hello everyone!! Hope you're all having a good sta...
# zhagaram-literary
Hello everyone!! Hope you're all having a good start of the month. At Zhagaram, we're now planning to have a poetry club!! ❤️ and we'd love for you to join us. This is still a rudimentary campaign and we're in the process of seeing if we have enough people interested to actually launch this. But here are some of the details that are confirmed as of now: - Always free and virtual - Meet once every month on the weekend - Meet for any one hour between 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM EST (9PM-12PM) - Members to read one poem they've written and/or one poem from a poet they admire or found on the internet, in a magazine, in an anthology etc (with due credit) - Give each other constructive feedback along with words of affirmation - Members can also join the club just to listen to the other poets, just to read their own work (without getting feedback) or choose according to their will on that particular month. We will be as flexible as possible. - Open to other ideas (let us know what else you'd like!) If you'd be interested but one of these decisions conflict with yours (timings, frequency of meeting) then let us know in the form and we can try accomodate your preferences! Please consider taking 5 minutes of your time to fill this form. It'll help us a lot! ❤️ https://forms.gle/T2v4y8cKxh2UHcsx8