# just-chill


10/03/2023, 12:59 PM
The criteria all seem sensible. Well thought out. Quick question - how is the popularity score measured? Followers on socials? Web site traffic? It seems like this could be a potentially tricky one given Twitter's downhill slide (it used to be a semi-OK proxy) and the explosion of new socials fragmenting audiences. And since web trackers are unreliable with less than 10s of 1000s of monthly uniques. We don't use Google Analytics anymore for that reason. And to shut down any possible GDPR headaches - approx. 20% of our writers & artists are from the EU (no idea about readers, since we don't track them). I'd also think about tweaking the time to respond to be more like "Do they respond within the time frame they say they will?" But that's purely self-interested. 😀 We intentionally hold onto subs for months, until we're sure we can't use them. Our issues rely on a lot of thematic linking between pieces.