Hi @everyone We’re developing a new way to create...
# just-chill
Hi @everyone We’re developing a new way to create and present submission calls on Chill Subs. This will tie directly into our manager. Soon, editors will be able to use forms like these to put very clear and well-presented calls out for submissions. But we want to make sure we cover every need. So, we have the design file ready to go and need help. Could you look through it, play around, see how it works and let us know if we missed anything. Any key details a call needs, any mistakes we’ve made. All of it. - https://www.figma.com/proto/fsRYAZOujd4FJeJjsU1ujD/Admin-panel?page-id=194%3A2472&type=design&node-id=194-2769&viewport=1394%2C676%2C0.29&t=7FzbbqLbBS3jUWi2-1&scaling=scale-down-width&starting-point-node-id=194%3A2473