Hi all! Here are some general rules for the channe...
# last-leaves-magazine
Hi all! Here are some general rules for the channel: 1) Be kind and respectful (to the editors, to each other, and especially to the Chill Subs folk). 2) Like the server itself, 0 tolerance for hate speech of any kind here. 3) We kindly ask that if you've received a rejection from us in the past, you don't bring the frustration here. #1090189025857515580 is perfect for that (and you may even see our editors there from time to time, as they submit their poetry places, too!) 4) A rule for the LLM Editors: No harboring negative feelings about what is said in the rejections channel. Even submitters whose work we don't accept the first time around, we want to submit again. We won't ever hold anything against you for having frustrations about a rejection; we have them, too. 5) We are absolutely open to respectful discussions about why we accept / reject the work we do to give you a better idea of what our editors look for. 6) Please don't bash on other mags here. This probably goes without saying, but we don't want to create that kind of environment. 7) Please don't DM our editors directly with questions. You're welcome to DM the Last Leaves Mag account or send us an email, and our editors will get to them as soon as they can! 💚 We'll add more as-needed, but we're very excited to have a space where we can get to know each other and have open discussions from writers to editors and vice versa about things like what we do and don't enjoy about the submission process.