There is an interesting angle with digital objects...
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There is an interesting angle with digital objects here, not to be difficult. Just autistic and come from tech-biz. So, based on transformative clauses, depending on how different a final product is versus the initial push, you can argue they're different. A blog short story with few edits slapped on Wordpress, which can be unpublished by the way, might be extremely different from the final polished work. It's when print real-world products come into play that this becomes strange because editions do exist and the work is codified with ISBNs or GTIN, and it's why IP laws are so all over the place. It's also why, for instance, there are so many weird hoops for fanfic. They live in a gray area, but also do not, depending on how much systemic weight a brand wants to throw around. Sometimes, it counts. Other times, it doesn't.