Note: If there's no real market for this kind of t...
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Note: If there's no real market for this kind of thing, I'd like to use it as a patreon reward or something to stick in a bundle later. So i've been commissioned to write what amounts to a torture scene vignette. Setting = fantasy horror with zombies (so magic shenanigans are in play). Commissioner is fine if i republish it as a short later (with some changes.) I’m trying to figure out what I can add to this to make it eligible as a short story. Really sure what to do with a full on torture scene. Is there a market for that kind of content or is it too “taboo?” I know there are some little lit mags that call for really dark stuff, but I’m not familiar with the market/niche. The commission is very much torture for titillation, but I can tone it down for the actual short. Vignette is gore-violence and sexual tension vibes but NO sexual assault and no sex. I don’t intend to add any sex (unless that’s necessary to market this). Current pairing is FxM [F doing torture], but I could change that to FxF if you guys think that's a better idea. TL;DR vignette plot = uh oh lady is turning into a monster but not 100%, follows someone home, does a torture, zombies interrupt, lady flees but feels badly. > For the short, I guess I could have the victim as having been complicit all along and this was just part of a bigger ploy, and oh how the turn tables etc. But I dunno. Anyone got any second opinions, or opinions in general on how I can possibly reuse this commission?