# rejection-therapy


05/20/2023, 5:46 AM
The system we want to implement would create two spaces for magazine pages. One, focused on awarding badges for positive things. And there will also be a tab for warnings. We want to separate this because we don't want one bad actor upset at a magazine rejecting them to bombard the comments. And when those comments about bad behaviors by a publisher are received, we will investigate them, verify them, and link to the evidence so people can learn more and it will be tagged as such. We didn't want to create just a like '5 star review' kind of system, but more one that is primarily positive but makes it clear when a verified bad actor is doing something wrong with the evidence to learn more. That's the thinking. So, yes, something like being ghosted would be fair to put there. And if the information can be verified we would add that tag. We'd probably have a thing like a 3 strike policy for something like this. Where maybe one slipped through the cracks, but a pattern of behavior would be something we would mark as verified and give magazines the ability to appeal these sorts of things. The literary community is small enough and there are few enough bad actors that we'll be able to handle it on a case-by-case basis once all of the mechanisms are in place