# recommend-a-feature


06/05/2023, 3:49 AM
i agree with the above that would be an awesome feature right now we just ensure that all identifying information is left off of the document name and inside and go directly to the access open arrow but it’s not entirely a 100% blind read if someone happens to stumble or look and read left at the cover info first although I stress this in the Submittable shadow training videos to head straight to the open arrow I’ve been making for poetry readers and friends I’m gradually on boarding to help out there is also a feature lacking in linking the name whether it be archived from the same submitter you have to go back to archived subs to search rather than just click there name to see everything under that one submitters entered name or pen name from the past it’s tough to see submissions from the same email or name stored which impacts our structure of tracking first time, 2nd time subs etc. it just is a few more clicks to check