hey! we’re actually thinking of implementing a rep...
# recommend-a-feature
hey! we’re actually thinking of implementing a reputation score, but that one will be automated. like having a working website, clear guidelines, not skipping reading periods, no reports from users on being sketch etc. maybe a portion of this will be calculated from user feedback! but for this we need to finish our full database audit first (we just added a bunch of new fields in our admin panel so checking old info and adding new at the same time😀) from completely user side we’ll have badges that we’re promising for months already but can’t get to it😅 users will be able to award magazine a badge like “cool design!”, “kind editors!” etc. it will be possible to give a negative badge too, but for this you have to leave a comment and we’ll work on reviewing it. ah so yeah part of the reputation score could be the amount of positive/negative badges!