aw so happy to read all this! really so cool that ...
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aw so happy to read all this! really so cool that these features have lives of their own haha. like sometimes we go to Ugh and just really get amazed that people are actually using it and discussing all kinds of stuff! I saw a lot of platforms that have a social media element in them and those are usually dead haha I feel bad that we don’t have enough time to come back and improve each feature (like we have so many ideas for the tracker and profiles and ugh, but because I’m the only developer, the backlog is insane right now) I’m actually looking for a second developer right now! it was a tough decision to make cause it’s not like we as a company have money on it yet haha, so had to get a few clients outside of Chill Subs to afford this. We just really feel that we have something special going on here and don’t want to lose momentum @cmelstewart you can also bookmark your favorite publications into neat lists or hide the ones that you know for sure you won’t submit to (honestly helps to clean up the browse so much now that we have over 3000 mags) and there is a calendar view with all the deadlines!