DISCORD REVAMP!   OK. We started this discord as a...
# just-chill
DISCORD REVAMP!   OK. We started this discord as a chit-chat spot about our subs manager but it has evolved into a more communal space. And we love that. But we weren't prepared. So! We're doing some house keeping. If you have any channel recommendations, let us know.   NEW SECTIONS & CHANNELS   CHILL HANG OUTS: a space to chill & hang out.   In CHILL HANG OUTS, he have:   just-chill: hang out, chat, fuck around, be nice. rejection-therapy: space to share thoughts & feelings about rejections. celebrate-an-acceptance: share your work that has been recently accepted (please keep them recent, not any acceptance you've ever gotten. writing-memes: self explanatory, go wild. submission-calls: feel free to share any subs calls you find. We will also pop in here and share them as we find them throughout our day on social media. advice-sharing: ask advice for any & all writing & publishing related things.   *   CHILL SUBS CALL CENTER: a space to speak directly with Chill Subs.   In CHILL SUBS CALL CENTER, we have:   ask-us-anything: really, anything. chill-sup-dates: updates on everything we do at Chill Subs. recommend-a-feature: talk to us about ways we can make your writing life not so freakin' exhausting!   *   I'D LIKE TO SPEAK TO THE SUBMISSIONS MANAGER a space to discuss our upcoming submissions manager "SLUSHPILE."   chit-chat-chat: open discussion request-a-feature: request features specific to the submissions manager. SLUSHPILE-updates: follow along as we build it.   *   FOREVER WORKSHOPS This was something we discussed when we were thinking about starting a discord in the past. These threads are for folks who want to give & receive feedback on their work. The rule: for everything you post, you must provide feedback on three other pieces of writing. Be constructive, be clear, be kind.   forever-poetry: one poem at a time. forever-fiction: imaginary stuff forever-flash: short stuff forever-cnf: get real mini-micros: any genre, under 250 words.   *   LIT MAG CHANNELS: This section is reserved for the editors of any literary magazine who would like to host a channel on our server. It's free. You moderate & set the rules.   We will adhere to the rules that editors set in their channels. So, be aware & be respectful.   *   DRAMA ZONE This server is not a place for complaining or arguing. We know this is inevitable. So, we created a “DRAMA ZONE”. Maybe it’s a horrible fucking idea but if you create any non-hate related drama, whether we agree with you or not, we will ask you to go to one of the drama channels. If you do not, you will be removed. This way those who don’t want to be a part of it can get on with their lives in peace. We are not trained professionals in conflict management. We’re just a couple of silly assholes doing our best.   This is our silly solution. Respect it.   arguments-corner: if, in any other channel, you find yourself in a heated disagreement with someone for over 5 messages, take it to this corner. If that person chooses not to join you, too bad. argument over. We don't want other threads getting clogged with conversations that aren't constructive.   tantrum-town: we want our channels to be constructive. Ask questions, keep an open mind, and understand that everyone is doing their best. Even if you don’t believe it, we believe it and this is our server. So, if you want to just vent, come here.