OK! Hi, we’re alive. Sorry, needed a weekend to br...
# just-chill
OK! Hi, we’re alive. Sorry, needed a weekend to breathe (lots going on this week and next. you'll see). First. HUGE Thank you to Ross (peregrine) who saved our butts here on Discord. Everyone here has been so wonderful and kind and you deserve discord moderators who know what the fuck they’re doing. Thankfully you’ve all been awesome anyway. So, some updates. We would LOVE if anyone has an interest in being a moderator. Peregrine set up a Google Form for us so if you fill it out, we can get you set up. https://forms.gle/R6fBfXEGZPpRxmJe8 NEW CHANNELS: There are a couple of new channels that Ross created that you can read about in “orientation roles” (qotd & out of context workshop) And yes! ROLES: If you go to orientation roles, there is a bot who can help you set up your pronouns, ‘advise roles,’ ‘submission call roles,’ and ‘workshop roles.’ If you go to the channel “orientation-roles” and then scroll down, you’ll see several options with reactions. Click the reaction to assign yourself a role. (Please note “Lit Mag Editors” will have similar permissions to Chat Mods. Please be respectful all around. We’ll be setting up some new magazine pages soon for miniMAG & Write or Die We’re loving how this server has continued to grow organically. Remember, you can always reach us by tagging us or pop a request/question into ‘server suggestions’ for discord, or ‘ask us anything/request a feature’ for general chill subs business.