# just-chill


07/03/2023, 9:16 PM
Fellow poet (and poetry editor) here with some unsolicited advice: -- sWiTcH tHiNgS uP 🤪 (Cliche, I know, but sometimes changing form or writing about something you didn't intend to write about can help. Blackout poems are poems! List poems are poems! Poems about how much you don't want to write are poems!) -- Don't judge your productivity by word/line count. Judge it by time you spent writing/trying to write. (We all know that writing is not just putting words about the page.) -- Do a YouTube deep dive and write about what you get up to. Strange medical cases? Cool! A documentary about cheese? Great! Old Jenna Marbles videos? Perfect! I miss her! Allow yourself to not be "productive." A lot of writing is just staring at a blank page or screen—and it's an important part of the process. Good luck and godspeed, friend.