. Length = under 10K words Genre = Fantasy horror ...
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. Length = under 10K words Genre = Fantasy horror 'Kink' vibes = evil witch 'femdom' POV = witch's POV Heat lvl = Clean and __nonsexual __(but heavy on horror elements + torture) Revisiting this. I'm repurposing an already written FM vignette (old commission) and wanted to know if it would be a total turn off to readers if the male was super passive, spineless, weak, and pathetic. IS there a market for that kind of 'femdom' story in this genre? If yes, should I dial up the spinelessness and hit Smeagol levels of sniveling? Or no, that character-type doesn't have a market for this genre. [ in that case I'd just change it to FF + make the second lady less passive] Extra: I don't plan on doing more stories in this genre / series for now. This is more an experiment, but still I don't want to write something 100% unmarketable. Not interested in doing an FM version where the dude has actual agency. I'll probably try to shop this around to some horror litmags, and if that fails just throw it up on Smashwords or something. I see "beta male" as a term kicked around a lot, but not usually for this genre. [I'm not familiar/keen on these terms in general]